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Chance are, if you’ve got a question about divorce, custody, separation agreements, someone else has the same question.  So, if you have a question for me, leave it as a comment.  When I answer the question, I’ll post your question and my answer.

The catch?  (disclaimer here) I am not *your* lawyer until you hire me.  Since every case is different and fact-dependent, you really should consult with a lawyer who can give you a better, more comprehensive, explanation and evaluation of your rights, given your particular situation.  So, take my advice as a starting point, as a warning, as a springboard for your personal plan of action.  But, please, don’t say “My lawyer told me…” based on anything I say here, because I am not your lawyer until you hire me (yes, I said that already, but it’s worth repeating).  Of course, if you want to schedule a consult with me to go over your situation more in detail, you are encouraged to do so. (/disclaimer)

What’s your question?  Please limit your questions to NC laws  (family law and employment law, only, please) and don’t give me any identifying details about you (I could be representing your ex.)

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  1. 2009 October 12
    Sarah permalink


    My two stepsons wants me adopt them. They are 11 and the other is going be 12. Their dad has nothing do in their life and he has stopped paying child support. Can I adopt them without their dad?


    This type of situation often depends on whether the father will object to having his rights terminated. Before you adopt your sons, you’ll have to go through the process of terminating their father’s parental rights. This is a court process that requires informing the father of the process and giving him a chance to contest it. If he contests it, it might become a long process. If he doesn’t contest and his rights are terminated, then you can proceed with adopting the kids.


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