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2009 October 9
by Sarah

Well, not any ol’ question. But, you can now ask about family law related things on a newly-added section of my website.  I am still in the process of getting more information uploaded, as well as more links added to the “Resources & Links” page, so bear with me, please.

So many people have questions about getting divorced, custody arrangements, domestic violence, etc. so I thought I would do what I could to answer some of your questions.  There are other websites that offer this type of service, like Avvo, but sometimes the person answering is not licensed in North Carolina, or they only direct you to read one of their publications.  I want this to be different, in part because I want to make sure you get your question answered as well as one could expect from the internet, and because I think it’s better for y’all to help me create a FAQ section that can help others, instead of me just picking things I think you want to know about.

Read my disclaimers (especially the part about me not being your lawyer until you hire me) and leave your question as a comment on that page. Of course, I reserve the right to not answer your question or any question at all.  And, if I find that people are abusing this, I’ll stop doing it.

Some questions I anticipate:

  • What will happen at my contempt hearing? (Depends on who is allegedly in contempt.
  • My baby’s daddy hasn’t paid child support in a year.  Do I still have to let him see my child?
  • If I move out because I want to separate, can that be held against me later as abandonment?
  • Can I date while I’m separated from my husband?
  • Do I need a court order for custody?
  • How do I get visitation with my grandchild?

You can find the “Ask Me a Question” tab on the right hand side of my website, or you can click here.  I will do my best to not answer every question with “It depends,” or “You need a lawyer.” But, that being said, oftentimes, that is the most honest answer…at least the most honest answer I can give  you over the internet.

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